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Use a different shipping carrier account for certain orders

Lets say you sell via a platform that requires that you use their shipping carrier credentials, or you just want to use a separate carrier account for tracking.

First we’ll create a new profile for the platform by going to and hitting Add A Warehouse. Leave the Warehouse as Primary and change the Profile to Create a new profile. Enter the label and invoice information.


The go to and under Add a new carrier, choose the carrier you want to add for the profile. It’s OK if you already have that carrier listed, you can use multiple accounts for the same carrier within ShipHero. When you add the carrier choose the new profile you created.


Now any orders that come in with that profile that are mapped to use that carrier will use the credentials you just entered for that profile. If the store where these orders are coming from is connecting via the stores section you can define the Profile there. And if it comes in via CSV set the Profile field in the CSV to match the newly created profile.

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