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Using multiple warehouses in ShipHero

ShipHero supports multiple warehouses. There are 3 ways you can structure your multiple warehouses.

  1. All orders are assigned to the primary warehouse, products are only created in the primary warehouse. You manually add products and assign orders to the other warehouses as needed.
  2. Orders are assigned by Priority. Orders go to the highest priority warehouse that has the stock needed to ship your order.
  3. Orders are assigned by Closest. Orders go to the closest warehouse that has the stock needed to ship the order.

You can set Allow Split or not Allow Split on an account wide basis and override per order or with automation rules.

The warehouse will show as System Will Assign, which means the system will follow the rules. You can choose a particular warehouse if you want to override the system rules.

On you can see what shipments are ready to ship from a particular warehouse.

You can filter by warehouse in your various screens.


We’re here to help you get your multi-warehouse rules set correctly. Contact us at or via chat and we’ll walk you through it and put the settings you want in place.

Multiple Warehouses – Warehouse to Warehouse Transfers

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