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Multi-Item Batch Picking Flow with optional Voice Guided Technology

Now you can pick multiple orders at the same time using with our iPad app. Voice guidance and barcode scanning are optional.

The below video demonstrated the process.

The process in detail

Your iPad can now speak the picking instructions and locations to the Picker, so make sure you have your voice on. You can use a Bluetooth headset or a speaker if the iPad is not loud enough. Any Bluetooth headset or speaker that works with your iPad will work with ShipHero.
Open the iPad, go to the main or “Hamburger” menu on the top left of the app and select “Batch Picking“.

The app will then ask the Warehouse Picker how many orders they want to pick. This should equal the number of totes they can fit in the cart.

This default number can be customized by changing the Multi-Item Batch Pick Default Order Quantity at
The system will then speak to the  and tell you to go to the first pick location, in our test case bin A1 and pick the first item, in our test case Crunch.

batch pick

So we walk to bin A1 and scan a Crunch bar. You don’t scan the bin. If you cannot scan the item barcode you can tap the item to confirm you got the correct item.

batch pick2

After I scan the Crunch bar, ShipHero tells me to “Scan an Empty Tote”, so I scan the barcode on any of the totes I have on my cart.

ShipHero then tells me to “Put 1 Crunch into tote A1 and Scan Tote to Confirm” so I put 1 of the Crunch bars into tote A1 and scan the tote barcode to confirm.

The Crunch bar is in two orders so ShipHero then tells me to “Scan an Empty Tote” again. So I scan a second tote.

batch pick2

ShipHero tells me to “Put 1 Crunch in Tote A2 and Scan Tote to Confirm” so I put 1 of the Crunch bars into tote A1 and scan the tote barcode to confirm.

I’m done with the Crunch so ShipHero tells me to go to Bin A2 and pick Milky Way so I walk to A2 and scan a Milky Way.

batch pick3

ShipHero tells me to “Put 1 Crunch in Tote A1 and Scan Tote to Confirm” It isn’t asking me to scan an empty to tote because the Milky Way is part of one of the orders that the Crunch went into (it’s order MO3 you can see it below the name of the tote in the right side).

If I attempt to scan the wrong tote, I get an error and cannot proceed until I scan the correct tote.

You will notice ShipHero routes my by order of my locations to minimize my walk and groups the orders in the batch so the batches are for orders that contain the same items, making my picking more efficient.

If I need more than 1 of an item, I will be prompted to confirm I entered the correct quantities. I can confirm by scanning to count or by tapping and typing the number.

batch pick6

Now ShipHero tells me “Go to Location B1 and pick Butterfinger” so I got to B1 and scan a Butterfinger and I keep going until I’ve picked all the items. Then ShipHero asks me if I want to create a new batch.

batch pick5

Now that I’ve picked orders into all my totes, I will offload the totes at a packing station or onto a conveyor that goes to the packing station and I will fill my cart with new totes and repeat the process.

Now lets see how the process looks from the packer’s side.

As the packer I get a stream of totes that have barcodes on them. I grab the nearest one and scan the barcode.

The scan pulls up the order. I have to acknowledge the total quantity but do not need to scan everything as it was scanned at pick time. If you have high value items and want to require a scan, you can turn Tote QA on.

multi batch pack

I print the invoice, and the label, which sets the order as fulfilled and then scan the next tote barcode until all the orders are shipped.


For high volume businesses that have a mix of single and multiple item orders, often the most effecient process is to ship the single item orders using Single Item Batch and the multiple item orders using Multi Item Batch. If you’re doing so at set Exclude Orders containing 1 line item from Multi-Item Batch Picking  so that the single item orders are excluded from your multi item batches, leaving them only for single item batch.

You can set the default number of totes per cart at in the Multi-Item Batch Pick Default Order Quantity field.

If you want to separate the orders so that certain pickers only get certain orders you can do so by setting custom statuses.

Set up your totes and print barcodes for them

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