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To add your store go to and hit Add A New Store.
You will get your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from within WooCommerce.

The URL can be tricky to get correct, try the https version of the URL. If you have trouble connecting, reach us via chat or at and we’ll test the integration for you.

We integrate with WooCommerce via the Legacy V2 API.

Since WooCommerce’s API doesn’t natively support all the fields you might want to use, you can define several custom fields. These are not required, but are available if they’re helpful to you.

In the products endpoint, you can specify barcode

In the orders endpoint on a line item level you can specify an array within meta. The array should consist of a label field and a value field. We will then append label: string to the options that show to be shipped for that line item.

In the orders endpoint you can specify “note” and that will be pulled in as both the customer note and packer note.

If you’re using the multi warehouse version of ShipHero and want to specify the warehouse to ship the line item from on a line item level, in the orders endpoint on a line item level you can specify warehouse_id. If the warehouse_id is not valid it will be ignore. Most multi-warehouse users rely on the ShipHero logic for order routing, and that is usually a better approach than specifying the warehouse_id.