Bulk Shipping

If orders contain the same item or one of a small number of SKUs

If you have a pre-order that came in, a flash sale or just a huge seller one day, you’ll be shipping dozens, hundreds or thousands of the exact same item. There’s likely no need to scan each item and there’s no need to weigh each package because they’re all the same, you just want to pack all the items and slap labels on them.

Bulk Ship can be used for orders that contain a single line item of various quantity, or orders that contain a single quantity of multiple line items.
A kit is understood as a single line item.

ShipHero bulk ship generates up to 500 orders at a time and averages 80 orders per minute unless you use the 'Cheapest' shipping carrier, which is slower as each order has to be quoted.
You can do this process entirely on the web from the Bulk Ship page

On the right side of the screen, you will see your most shippable SKUs, as well as a history of recent batches.

You can click 'View Orders' or enter the SKU in the search bar

You’ll see all the orders that contain just that item.

Filter by quantity to get the orders that have 1 unit.

You have additional options you can filter by, including Status and Shipping Method.

Select All and Print

In the print pop, you’ll set the box size and weight of the shipment. For customers that ship via USPS you can also choose if it’ll fit in one or more regional and/or flat rate boxes.

Then print.

We check the shipping method and carrier that’s mapped to each order and print via that method, so some might ship via UPS 2nd Day Air and others via USPS Priority Mail if that’s the mapping you defined. If any or all are mapped to the Cheapest method we’ll quote in real-time and print via the appropriate method.

You will be brought to a screen where you can see the status of the orders as the batch processes.

Once the batch is complete you will receive an email confirmation, or you can refresh the page and see 'Print Labels' on the top left corner. 

It will provide you a pdf with a label for every order.

The labels will have the order number and the SKU that’s in the order printed on them in the reference fields.

You can then filter by quantity 2 and ship all the orders that have exactly 2 units of that SKU and no other items.