Connecting Asendia & Generating Manifests

ShipHero provides an easy method to connect to your asendia account as a shipping carrier. Here's how:

Step 1: Your Shipping Carriers

You can connect a number of shipping carriers to your account, to view, add, update or disconnect a shipping carrier, simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're logged into your web dashboard.
  2. Once logged in, using the top navigation bar, click on "Shipping" and in the menu, click "Carriers."
  3. Now you're in your "Shipping Carriers" view.

Step 2: Adding Your Asendia Carrier

Now that you have loaded your "Shipping Carriers" view.

  1. Using the "Add a new carrier" dropdown, select "Asendia'"

Step 3: Configure Your Asendia Carrier

  1. You will now be prompted to add some details for this connection.
  2. Select the profile to be used for this shipping carrier - that is, what address should be printed on the invoice.
  3. Select the warehouse to be used for this shipping carrier.
  4. Enter your asendia account details - Account Number, Username and Password
  5. Once you've entered your details, press "Connect"

Step 4: Create/Map Shipping Options (optional)

You can create default shipping methods to be assigned to orders as they are placed using various options. This saves your warehouse team from having to choose any particular method for each order.

Learn about Creating & Mapping Shipping Options

Be Sure To Generate End of Day Manifests!

Asendia requires the generation of your shipping manifest at the end of day before the orders are picked up.

Steps to Generate Shipping Manifest

  • Using the top menu, click Orders, then click Manifests
  • Now that you are viewing manifests, click Create Manifest
  • Select Asendia as the carrier, and select the date of the shipments you want listed in your manifest. (As Shown Below)
  • Once the manifest has been created, it will be sent to Asendia automatically, You can export as CSV in the future if you are keeping records internally.