Printer Troubleshooting: The Definitive Guide

Configuration Troubleshooting

This article will assist you in troubleshooting workstations that have already been set up in ShipHero. 

Step 1: Assign your user to a workstation
Step 2: Assign your workstation to a computer
Step 3: Open the Workstation App
Step 4: Assign printers to your workstation

Step 1: Assign your user to a workstation

To be able to print through ShipHero, your user needs to be assigned to a station. You can check if you are assigned to a workstation through various menus, depending on which interface you are currently using. 

Web Dashboard: Go to My Account>Users. You can see that User One is assigned to a workstation, but User Two is not. You can assign a station to a user by hitting the blue 'Edit' button.

Endeavour: Hit the Settings button on the left side of the screen, and then pick your station through the available dropdown menu

You will notice that each interface shares the same information. Changing the assigned station for your user on the Web Dashboard will also change it in the Mobile Apps and Endeavour, and vice versa. You may just need to log out or refresh the page to see the change take effect.

Step 2: Assign your workstation to a computer

Now that your user is assigned to a workstation, we will need to make sure that a computer is currently hosting that workstation. You should be using the latest version of the Workstation App, and your stations are configured in Endeavour. Click the Stations button on the left side of your screen, and you will see a 'Computers' column, and a 'Stations' column. The computer and station that you are currently viewing are highlighted in blue.

Make sure that you see the workstation your user is assigned to (from Step 1), in the Stations column. If you do not see your station appearing in the Stations column, use the 'Assign a Station' dropdown to add your station to any computer.

Please Note: The names in the Computers and Stations columns were set up by your team. We recommend setting the computer name and station name the same, but it is up to you. In the example above, 'Packing-Station-1' appears in both columns, but that is not always the case. For this step of the process, you only need to note the Station Name. You will note the Computer Name in a later step. If the computer name is blank for any record in the Computers column, that means there is a computer running an outdated version of the Workstation App, contact support for assistance in removing the blank record.

Step 3: Open the Workstation App

Make note of the Computer Name from Step 2. You should have a program installed on the computer connected to the printers called 'ShipHero Workstation'. When you open the program it should look similar to the below image.

This app is required to print through ShipHero. You can minimize it, but it must always be running when you are trying to print.

Please Note: Make sure the Computer Name appearing in the program is the same Computer Name you saw in Step 2, the computer that you assigned your station to. You can set up multiple workstations on one computer, but you should make sure that multiple computers are not sharing one workstation.

Step 4: Assign printers to your workstation

After assigning your workstation to a computer, you will need to assign printers to that workstation. While still in the Stations menu, use the right side of your screen to assign printers to your current station. Make sure to hit 'Save Settings' before trying any test prints.

This completes the configuration set up for your workstation, and you should be able to print directly through ShipHero, from either the web dashboard, mobile apps, or Endeavour.

Additional Information

All of the above steps verify that ShipHero is configured correctly to communicate with your printers, however, there can still be other reasons why you may not be able to print. For example, your printer could be pausing any jobs that come through. To check, open up your printer's queue. This can vary by the operating system, some suggestions below.

Check the printer's queue, and when trying to print through ShipHero, see if a new job appears in the printing queue.

  • If you do see a job appearing in the queue, but still can't get it to print, check help articles specific to your operating system and printer manufacturer.
  • If you do not see a job appearing in the queue, and have already followed all the above troubleshooting steps, contact for further assistance