Updating the ShipHero Workstation App on Windows

Why Update?

ShipHero continually works on adding new capabilities to the tools and features of the platform as well as enhancing existing ones. Sometimes, we may also provide an update to fix a reported issue. We recommend you check for updates at the beginning of your week.

Automatic Updates

The ShipHero Workstation App on Windows will periodically check for updates and automatically update to the latest version. 

Manual Updates

There are a couple of options available for you to update the Workstation app manually.

The fastest method:

  • In the workstation menu, click Check for Updates


  • Quit the App and reopen it. 
  • To Quit, right click on the system tray icon (you may have to click on the up arrow first to see the icon):
  • Choose Quit from the menu that opens when you right-click. 

Tip: Clicking on the X in the app window does not quit and will not force an update.