Setting Up Workstation(s) to Share Printers and Scales

What is a Workstation?

Simply put, a Workstation is a computer running the ShipHero Workstation app that is connected to your printer(s) and or scale. Once you have your Workstation setup, you can then assign Users to that Workstation so that they can print and weigh products.

Managing Multiple Users

Because your Workstations can be shared, you can assign any number of Users to a Workstation. In addition, you can have multiple Workstations and assign specific Users to each one of those Workstations.

Get Started

  1. Make sure you have either a PC or Mac and that they meet the minimum hardware requirements.
  2. Connect and setup your printer(s).

PC Windows Workstation Setup

Tip: If the app doesn't launch, check your anti-virus and firewall settings to make sure the application is not blocked.

  1. Download Workstation app for PC or Mac
  2. Once you've downloaded and installed the app, give the workstation a name
  3. If you're using the 3.9.x, please quit and remove the app as this is no longer needed.
  4. Once you've given it a name, go to, login and click Stations (Now you can manage that print station from the web browser)
  5. Select the Workstation you just named, and specify printer(s) & scales
  6. Click Save located on the top right corner

Assign Users to the Workstation

  1. Using your web browser, go to and select the user you want to Assign a Workstation.
  2. Assign the Print Station. When that user prints from the app, ShipHero will use the assigned Workstation.