Create a User

  1. Navigate to “My Account” >”Users”
  2. Click “Add User”
  3. Enter basic user information such as name,  email, and password.
  4. Select the BIN & SKU display preferences in the mobile apps (this doesn't matter if the user is not using mobile apps)
  5. Select the Print Station. If this user prints an invoice or shipping label, the print station is where those print jobs will be sent. If you haven't done this already, please refer to Setting Up a Print Station.
  6. .Select Default Order Status. Show orders by selected status when the user logs into the mobile app.  You can create your own custom order status, for example, "Pending Manufacturing".  Learn more about Managing Custom Statuses.
  7. Specify Print Type. Specifies what the default Order Details Action button will do for this user. This can also be changed by the user in the mobile app settings.
  8. Select Warehouse. This will set the default warehouse this user will work from when using the mobile apps. The user can change warehouses in the app. Learn more about Warehouse Management.
  9. Tote QA. When a user picks items into totes, they have to verify each item picked. Enabling this option will also require verification of each item picked when the orders are being packed. Learn more about using Totes.
  10. Enable Voice Picking. Order items and quantities can be read out loud when using the mobile app. Selecting this will enable this feature during batch picking. Learn about Batch Picking.
  11. Voice Picking Speed. This number controls the speed of speech for voice picking. It can range from 0.1 (very slow) to 0.9 (very fast).
  12. Voice Picking Language. This can be set to this users specific language preference.
  13. Single Item Batch Pick Rows. Specify bin locations this user will batch pick products from. You can add as many locations are desired. Learn more about Bin Locations.
  14. Groups. You can specify which features this user can and cannot access by assigning a User Group. Learn more about User Groups.
  15. Click Save. Congratulations, you have created your user.