The Complete Guide to "Is Virtual"

When You Would Use "Is Virtual"

Designed to provide an unlimited availability of a product. Enabling Is Virtual is an easy way to sell digital downloads or products that will be manufactured based on the number of orders received.

How Does It Work?

When you enable Is Virtual on a SKU and set it's On Hand to 0, ShipHero will update the availability for that SKU on any connected sales channel to 9,999.

What About Kits?

Any SKU that has Is Virtual enabled, and is included in a Kit, the Kit will reflect an On Hand of the next lowest SKU On Hand value. For example, if Kit A has several components (SKUs):

  • aston-martin-db5: On Hand 5
  • tuxedo-black: On Hand of 90
  • walther-ppk-gun: On Hand 20
  •  bond-license-to-ship-download: On Hand will be 5

How Are Orders Handled That Contain 'Is Virtual" Enabled SKUs?

Any Is Virtual enabled SKU will be listed and behave like any other non Is Virtual SKU.

How To Enable Is Virtual

If you want to enable Is Virtual for an individual SKU:

  • Using the top menu, click Inventory, then click Products
  • Select the product you want to edit
  • Edit the product Details by clicking on the pencil icon (as shown below)
  • Set the On Hand to Zero
  • Check the Is Virtual checkbox

Updating Is Virtual Using Bulk Edit

If you need to update multiple SKUs, you can do this using Bulk Edit and set the column Virtual Product to 1 (0 = disabled)