How To Update On Hand

Read: If you're looking to change many products at once, use this article that details how: How Do I Update On Hand for Many Products?

Dynamic Slotting: If you've enabled dynamic slotting, please skip to "Dynamic Slotting Updates" below.

Using Product List

  • Using the top menu, click Inventory. 
  • Click on the "On Hand" value for the product you want to change.
  • An Edit Inventory window should now be visible
  • Specify the Change to inventory. For example, if you want to add 5 to the On Hand, enter the number 5. If you want to subtract 5, enter the number -5
  • Enter the Reason for the change. This is stored in the inventory change log.
  • Mark if the product has been counted in full, this will help Cycle Counting (if enabled) prioritize which products to include for counting.
  • Click Update.

Edit Product

You can edit the product and make changes to On Hand on the product details view. 

  • Once in the product details view, click the edit details pencil icon.
  • An Edit Product window should now be visible.
  • Update the On hand number. If you want On Hand to be 10, enter the number 10 in the On Hand field.
  • Click Update. 
  • Product On Hand will now be updated to reflect the updated number you entered.

Updating On Hand Using the iPad

  • Using the ShipHero iPad app, select Inventory from the main menu. 
  • Find a product by SKU, name or scan the barcode.
  • Left swipe to reveal the options menu.
  • Tap Edit Details.
  • Change the On Hand value to the new On Hand. If you want to change the On Hand to 10, enter the number 10.
  • Tap Update, the changes will be saved.

Use the API

Tip: Learn more about the ShipHero API Documentation

Dynamic Slotting Updates

If you use Dynamic Slotting, inventory changes also need to accurately be reflected in any given product locations. Changes to a product can only be done from the product detail view. 

  • Select the product you want to edit from the Products list.
  • Click the Quantity number corresponding to the location for that product, enter the new On Hand amount. If you want to change the On Hand in Location A to 10, enter the number 10.
  • Press Enter to update the On Hand.