How To Update On Hand

Dynamic Slotting: If you've enabled dynamic slotting, please skip to "Dynamic Slotting Updates" below.

Using Product List

  • Using the top menu, click Inventory. 
  • Click on the "On Hand" value for the product you want to change.
  • An Edit Inventory window should now be visible
  • Specify the Change to inventory. For example, if you want to add 5 to the On Hand, enter the number 5. If you want to subtract 5, enter the number -5
  • Enter the Reason for the change. This is stored in the inventory change log.
  • Mark if the product has been counted in full, this will help Cycle Counting (if enabled) prioritize which products to include for counting.
  • Click Update.

Edit Product

You can edit the product and make changes to On Hand on the product details view. 

  • Once in the product details view, click the edit details pencil icon.
  • An Edit Product window should now be visible.
  • Update the On hand number. If you want On Hand to be 10, enter the number 10 in the On Hand field.
  • Click Update. 
  • Product On Hand will now be updated to reflect the updated number you entered.

Updating On Hand Using the iPad

  • Using the ShipHero iPad app, select Inventory from the main menu. 
  • Find a product by SKU, name or scan the barcode.
  • Left swipe to reveal the options menu.
  • Tap Edit Details.
  • Change the On Hand value to the new On Hand. If you want to change the On Hand to 10, enter the number 10.
  • Tap Update, the changes will be saved.

Use the API

Learn more about the ShipHero API Documentation

Dynamic Slotting Updates

If you use Dynamic Slotting, inventory changes also need to accurately be reflected in any given product locations. Changes to a product can only be done from the product detail view. 

  • Select the product you want to edit from the Products list.
  • Click the Quantity number corresponding to the location for that product, enter the new On Hand amount. If you want to change the On Hand in Location A to 10, enter the number 10.
  • Press Enter to update the On Hand.