Tips On Avoiding High Volume or High Velocity Sales Overselling

How ShipHero Syncs With Your Connected Sales Channels 

ShipHero synchronizes data across all of your connected sales channels. When orders are placed, this data is sent to ShipHero. When orders are fulfilled within ShipHero, it then sends the updated inventory availability to each connected sales channel.

How Long Does It Take To Sync Orders & Inventory?

 Like all applications and web platforms, all requests need to be throttled so as not to overwhelm or bring down any connected sales channel. Too many requests at once may result in all requests failing. The vast majority of the time, data between your connected sales channels and ShipHero is updated within a minute or two. The update time can increase when there's a high number of updates. Such as many SKUs being updated at once, or many orders being bulk shipped at once.

So What Can You Do To Optimize For High Volume Sales?

Set a Reserve on your product inventory to reduce the chance of overselling.

Optimize Your Sales Channel

One common tactic recommended for Shopify Channels when you're expecting a high volume sale, is to disable ShipHero Inventory Updates. Instead, relying on Shopify for the sale.
This can be done per product, or on the whole store.

You can disable inventory updates for a specific product from the product detail page, in he 'Stores' section using the 'Do Not Manage Inventory' setting.

To disable inventory sync for the whole store, go to My Account > Stores then Settings for that store and uncheck this box (make sure to hit the Save button after):

Once the High Volume Sale period is over, enable the ShipHero Inventory Updates to ensure everything is synchronized.