Cycle Counting

What is Cycle Counting?

If you can’t shut down to count your inventory all at once, you need to use ShipHero's Cycle Counting feature.  Cycle counting ensures that you maintain inventory accuracy throughout the year.  Many companies employee a combination of cycle counting and also shut down once a year to do a full inventory count.  For example, they may cycle count their key products throughout the year and then count all product during their 100% physical inventory.

ShipHero Advantages to Cycle Counting

ShipHero is not the only platform you can cycle count on, however, there are some key optimizations using ShipHero for cycle counting.

  • Cycle Counting is mobile. No paper. (We really dislike paper, it's not reliable and bad for the environment.)
  • You are given a clear goal of the number of items to count each week.
  • You can see how many times products have been cycle counted, or not.
  • Cycle counting prioritizes the highest risk products first.
  • A product can be set for cycle counting at any time. Simply click a button to include the product.

How Cycle Counting Works

Using ShipHero, you can specify how often you want to count your inventory. The higher the frequency, the more times you're counting inventory.

You can determine the number of times you want to count inventory by specifying how many weeks you want a cycle count to last (see the Configuring Cycle Counting guide below). ShipHero will divide the number of eligible products in your inventory over the number of weeks you specify.

Once enabled and configured, Cycle Counting is accomplished by using the ShipHero Mobile app.

How to Enable Cycling Counting

Cycle Counting is not enabled by default. Here's how to enable Cycle Counting.

  1. Using the top menu, click Inventory, then click Cycle Counting
  2. Click the Yes, enable cycle count button
  3. Cycle Counting is now available to use

Note: Cycle Counting is not currently available for customers that are using optional Dynamic Slotting for product location management. By default, ShipHero uses Static Slotting.

How to Configure Cycle Counting

Once Cycle Counting is enabled, you can specify how many weeks a cycle count will last. For example, if you want to count your inventory twice a year, you would specify 26 weeks.

Tip: ShipHero will divide the total number of eligible products in your inventory over the number of weeks you specify.

  1. Specify the number of weeks you want the cycle count to run.
  2. Decide if you want to include or exclude products that have no Bin Location.
  3. Click Save Cycle Count Settings.

How to Use Cycle Counting

Now that you have enabled and configured Cycle Counting, your team can start to cycle count inventory.

  • Using the ShipHero iPad app, tap the menu, and tap cycle count.
  • A list of eligible products that need to be cycle counted is displayed.
  • Select a product, confirm the count. Tap Confirm (or cancel if you don't want to update count).
  • Continue onto the next product.

Tip: Products are removed from the cycle count list as they are updated. 

Knowing the Number of Remaining Products to Cycle Count

You can view the number of remaining products that need to be counted for the current week directly in the dashboard by viewing the cycle count module.

Excluding Products from Cycle Count

You can exclude products from Cycle Count by marking the product option Do Not Cycle Count.  This can be done by editing a single product, or for multiple products via Bulk Edit.