All About Inventory Counting

There are three approaches you can take for managing your inventory counts, depending on your situation and preference. 

  1. Cycle Counting. This is designed specifically for a warehouse that has started with a mostly accurate inventory stock take and can continue to do rolling inventory counts without shutting down a warehouse or slowing operations. y focusing inventory counting on active SKUs (SKUs that have changing inventory counts due to fulfillment). You can optimize how many SKUs over what time period you want to track. This is the least disruptive approach to track stock levels on your active SKUs.
  2. Individual SKU updates. We provide a fast method to update on hand for each SKU in the Inventory list. Along with that inventory update, you can also include the reasons as to why on-hand was changed.
  3. Bulk SKU update. You can run a stock take across your Inventory and then upload in bulk via a CSV the updated counts and they will be reflected across your SKUs.

Finally, to review all of your inventory changes across all SKUs and warehouses, go to Reports > Inventory Change Logs