Stale Inventory Report

Whether you've overbought the wrong products or have merchandise on hand with little shelf-life left in it, “stale inventory” is a common (and normal) challenge for online merchants. But no matter what you sell or where you sell it, holding on to stale inventory is a costly business practice.

The Stale Inventory report shows you at a glance what you have in stock and how long it will take to sell out at the current pace. You can search or order by a given column such as 'Months to Sellout'. The ‘Column Visibility’ tab allows control over which fields you view on the page. You have the option to export the data to CSV or PDF.

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Viewing the Stale Inventory Report

The Stale Inventory report is available in the reports section. If you're logged into your ShipHero account, you can view it here.

Navigate to the report from the Report option available on the top navigation menu while logged into

The 'One Year' and 'One Year Value' columns represent the quantity of the product left to sell in one year's time and the value of the total quantity left to sell in one year's time. The 'Months to Sellout' calculates how long it will take to sell out of each product based on the current pace of sales.

Adjusting Column Visibility

You can adjust the columns available by selecting which columns you want to display in the report.

Downloading the Report

You may want to download the report to use in your own program or to import into another application. There are 3 download options available.

  • Export All Rows - this option will generate a CSV file containing all data which you can then download.
  • CSV - this option will download a CSV file of the information you are viewing.
  • PDF - this option will download a formatted PDF of the information you are viewing.