Setting Items as Dropship Only

ShipHero provides features and tools to create and manage drop shipments, while also making it easier to send notifications to your vendors.

Best PracticesShipHero Guide to Drop Shipping

Reasons to Set Products Dropship Only

  • This will help you streamline products that are dropship only, and not actually in your warehouse or distribution center.
  • Dropship only products will not appear in order details used by pickers and packers. This avoids any confusion in your fulfillment process.
  • ShipHero will automatically figure out which products need to be picked and packed in your warehouse, even when in orders containing drop ship only products.

Setting a Product as Drop Ship Only

You have a few options for setting Drop Ship Only on your products.

Option 1: Edit Single Product

  • Using the top menu, click Inventory, then click Products.
  • Select the product you want to set as Drop Ship Only.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the Product details.
  • The product details window will launch, scroll through options and check Dropship Only
  • Click Update.

Using Bulk Edit

You can also use the available bulk edit feature if you want to set many products to drop ship only.

  • Using the top menu, click Inventory, then click All Products. 
  • Filter the products you want to edit.
  • Select the items you want to edit.
  • Once you have selected the products you want to update, click Bulk Edit.
  • Once the Bulk Edit window launches, scroll through options until you see is Dropship Only and check Yes.
  • Click Process. The selected products will now be set as Dropship Only.

Using a CSV to Update Many Products

  • Using the top menu, click to Inventory, then Bulk Edit.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for updating the Dropship Only setting.