Adding Vendors

Tip: If you're using Shopify, Vendors are automatically created when new products that assigned Vendors are downloaded from the Shopify store.

Adding a Vendor

  1. Go to the Vendors section by using the top menu, click Purchase Orders and then click Vendors.
  2. Check to make sure the Vendor does already exist using search.
  3. Once you're sure this Vendor does not already exist, click the Add a Vendor button located on the top right of the screen, just below the top menu.
  4. Enter the Vendor name.
  5. Enter Vendor contact email addresses. This is used to send your Vendors an email notification when you create Purchase Orders.
  6. Enter Vendor account number. This is your internal reference number, typically used for accounting.
  7. Enter any additional notes for internal reference.
  8. Click Save.