Creating and Managing Kits and Components

When Do You Use Kits?

Kits allow you to bundle a group of SKUs with any particular SKU you specify. This is commonly required when you need to sell a set of SKUs. A typical example of using Kits is for selling a gift box, in our example, let's say we sell a gift box called the "Chocolate Treat Box".  You will as a selection of SKUs that are sold as a single item, a common example being a  gift box

Kits are rather straightforward. A Kit is consists of a parent SKU that contains other SKUs (that are called components). All you need to do is simply add the SKUs to your Kits. 

The Advantages of Kits & Components 

  1. You can use your existing SKUs as components, so no need to create special products to be included in groups.
  2. You can still sell any of the SKUs you include in a Kit as individual items just like any other SKU.
  3. ShipHero will calculate how many available Kits are available to ship based on the availability of each component of the Kit.

Creating Kits

There are two options for creating Kits within ShipHero.

Option 1: Create or edit a single Kit.

Simply edit the product details of the desired SKU that will be the Kit, and add the SKUs that will make up the Kit as the components.Option 2: Upload many Kits at once, using a CSV upload feature.

  1. Using the top menu, click My Account, then click CSV Management
  2. Select Product Kits from the Item to Update list
  3. Download the Product Kits Template
  4. Specify your Kits in the CSV file
  5. Upload your CSV file
  6. Assuming the CSV file is valid, the Kits will be processed and available to use.

Tip: Watch the below video for a better understanding of Kits and Build Kits