Creating and Managing Kits and Components

Kits allow you to bundle a group of products so that you can sell them as a set. 

For example, a 'Chocolate Gift Box' that has both milk chocolate bars and dark chocolate bars.  A 'Chocolate Gift Box' Kit would be created, which would make a gift box by combining a selection of chocolate bars.  A Kit consists of a parent SKU ('Chocolate Gift Box') and individual component SKUs (milk chocolate bars + dark chocolate bars).  There are several advantages of having both Kits and Components:

  1. Existing SKUs can be used as components.  
  2. Components included in a Kit can be sold as individual items.
  3. ShipHero calculates Kit availability based on the inventory of each component.

What is the Difference Between a Build Kit and a Regular Kit?

There are 2 types of Kits that can be created - a Build Kit or a Regular Kit. 

Build Kit

A Build Kit breaks up the components on each order so that you can pick each SKU individually.  This feature is used for the following scenarios:

  • If using the partial shipment feature to send a Kit (example: to send the gift box with only some of the chocolate bars now and then ship the remaining chocolate bars later)
  • If the Kit contains additional kits as components (example: combining a 6-pack kit of milk chocolate bars and a 12-pack kit of dark chocolate bars into your 'Chocolate Box Kit')
  • If the Kit is not pre-assembled, and you need to send your Pickers to separate locations in the warehouse (example: the milk chocolate bars are in one location and the dark chocolate bars are in another)

Regular Kit

A Regular Kit is more efficient in the warehouse because it allows the picker to pick all components at the same time.  This option would be used if your Kits are already pre-assembled, instead of split up as individual products throughout the warehouse.

There are two ways to create Kits within ShipHero.

(1) Create or Edit a Kit Using a CSV File

  • Create a parent Kit SKU by going to Inventory => Products => Add a Product
  • Using the top menu at, click My Account and then CSV Management
  • Select Product Kits from the 'Item to Update' list
  • Download the Product Kits Template
  • Fill out the Product Kits Template, indicating (1) under Build Kit if you want this option instead of a Regular Kit

  • Upload the CSV file once it is completed
  • Assuming the CSV file was valid and successfully uploaded, the Kits should show up in the inventory page and be available for use

(2) Create or Edit a Kit Using Product Details

  • Create a parent Kit SKU by going to Inventory => Products => Add a Product
  • Select the Parent Kit SKU under Inventory => Products
  • Scroll down to the Components section on the Product Detail Page
  • Add the components to the Parent Kit
  • Update the Product Details section on the left side of the page as to whether you want the Kit to be a Build Kit (Yes or No)

Video Walk Through of Creating and Managing Kits and Components