Manually Creating a Drop Shipment

ShipHero provides features and tools to create and manage drop shipments, while also making it easier to send notifications to your vendors.

Creating a Drop Shipment from an Order

  • Using the top menu, click Orders, click Manage Orders

  • Edit the order you want to drop ship.
  • Click Drop Ship.

  • Select the Vendor you want to use for drop shipping.

Tip: Only Vendors associated with the products in the order will be available.

  • Based on the Vendor you selected, you can now select which items will be drop shipped by checking the check box.
  • Select the shipping carrier and method you want to use
  • Select the product(s) and amount to drop ship.
  • If you want to deduct the quantity shipped, select Remove quantities from inventory.
  • Click Submit to create the drop shipment.

Vendor Communication

When you create a drop shipment, ShipHero will generate a PDF invoice. Click 'Email Vendor' to send the invoice.

Once the shipment was made, click 'Complete' to add tracking number and carrier information.

Viewing Drop Shipments

You can view all existing drop shipments, as well as update any selected drop shipment by using the Drop Shipments view.

  • Using the top menu, click Orders, then click Drop Shipments