Batch Picking

Walking from one location to the next will typically account for the majority of a pickers time. By reducing the amount of distance required for picking orders, you're going to improve the efficiency of your order picking process. This is where batch picking can hugely improve your efficiency.

Firstly, batch picking will reduce the trips made to process orders and give your pickers the ability to handle multiple orders at the same time while maintaining the necessary checks designed to eliminate picking errors.

Secondly, when using Bin Locations, ShipHero will intelligently organize your pickers route to minimize travel distance between bin locations. This is accomplished by sorting the picking route based on the bin locations of your SKUs.

Single Item Batch Picking & Multi-Item Batch Picking

There are two types of batch picking. 

  1. Single Item Batch, designed to organize your single item orders into batches.
  2. Multi-Item Batch, designed to organize your orders that contain multiple items into batches.

Getting Started

1. Download the Mobile App from the App Store

Designed for use on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Can also be used on an iPad.

2. Setup Your Bin Locations

In addition to being the best approach to bring order to your warehouse, ShipHero will also sort the pickers route by sorting your Bin Locations in Alpha Numeric order.

If you don't want to sort by Bin Location, ShipHero gives you the option to sort by SKU, which you can adjust in your settings.