Single Item Batch Picking and Packing

Improve Warehouse Efficiency Using Single Item Batch.

Walking from one location to the next typically accounts for the majority of a picker's time in the warehouse. Single Item Batch picking improves the efficiency of the picking process by organizing single-item orders into batches. It can be useful for high-volume sales or if you commonly receive requests for an individual SKU. When using Bin Locations, ShipHero intelligently organizes the picker's route to minimize travel distance by sorting the picking route based on the bin locations of your SKUs.

Picking Process

  1. Log into the ShipHero Mobile App.
  2. Select to the Single Item Batch from the home page.
  3. Scan an Empty Tote.
  4. The application will tell you which items to pick.
  5. Scan the item and confirm how many you are putting into the tote.
  6. Once done picking, the application will move on to the next item.

Single Item Batch Pick Demo

Packing Process

  1. Go to Endeavour Web on a desktop computer.
  2. Select the 'Single Item Batch' menu.
  3. Choose a batch (or scan the tote) and select 'start shipping'.
  4. The screen shows the number of items picked and the number of orders in that batch.
  5. Choose an order on the screen and select 'pack order'.
  6. Enter box dimensions and # items packed.
  7. Select 'Print Packing Slip and Label' to print and attach the label.
  8. Select 'All Done' on the screen to complete packing your order.

Single Item Batch Pack Demo