The Fastest Way To Batch Pick

Picking accounts for almost 50% of a warehouse's labor costs.  Streamline your batch picking process to minimize non-value-added activities.

What is Batch Picking?

Batch picking allows you to pick for multiple orders simultaneously, which reduces the number of trips your Pickers have to take within the warehouse and drives efficiency.  ShipHero has two different batch picking methods: Single Item Batch and Multi-Item Batch.

Choose the Right Batch Pick Method.

Single Item Batch Picking organizes single-item orders into batches.  It can be useful for high-volume sales or if you commonly receive requests for an individual SKU.

Multi-Item Batch Picking allows Pickers to pick multiple orders with different quantities of products into unique totes.  This process separates orders as you are picking, so you don't have to spend time sorting through products when preparing to pack and ship orders.

Automate the Process to Minimize Errors.

  • Use Socket Mobile Scanners in tandem with the Mobile App to improve Packer efficiency. 
  • Use USB Scanners in tandem with your Print Workstations to minimize steps in the process.
  • Use Command Barcodes to expedite the packing process.
  • Ensure customers get correct orders by enabling Tote QA for users.