Using Automation Rules to Specify Invoice Settings

The California Residents Invoice

In this example, we want to apply a specific Invoice note for any orders shipping to a California address. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to create a profile, with the specific invoice settings, and then apply that profile to any orders shipping to a California address using ShipHero Automation Rules.

Creating a Profile

This will allow you to have the invoice for your California residents

  1. Using the top menu, My Accounts then click Warehouses.
  2. Click Add a Warehouse
  3. Select Create a New Profile and give it a name, for example, "California Residents" and set the warehouse as "Primary."
  4. You can customize the settings for this profile and leave the invoice note you want to send to your CA customers. 

Tip: There are no special formatting options currently available so if you want to make the font stand out capital letters could be your best option.

Creating an Automation Rule

An automation rule will apply to any new orders coming into ShipHero.

  1. Using the top menu, click Orders, then click Automation Rules.
  2. Click Create New rule.
  3. "Choose your Trigger" if "State" ..equals.. CA 
  4. "Choose your Action" then "set profile" ...Select newly created profile
  5. Save your new rule. 

This new automation rule with apply on any new orders placed after the rule has been created. (Automation rules do not retroactively apply to orders). 

Tip: For any existing orders, you can simply apply the new profile you created. This can be done to individual order as well as multiple using Bulk Manage.