Creating and Using Order Statuses

Order Statuses are Used to Separate Processes.

You can create, manage or delete order statuses to group orders accordingly.  Each user will only see the order status they are assigned to when viewing orders from ShipHero Mobile.

For example, you could use order statuses if you want Picker A to only process orders from a specific e-commerce store. To accomplish this, you can create a custom order status for that specific sales channel. Then, create an automation rule so that all orders that come from that sales channel are assigned the custom order status. When Picker A is in ShipHero Mobile, they can switch to the custom order status to only see those specific ready to ship orders.

To start, define a custom order status by viewing your order status settings:

Select Add Status and give the order status a name.

Mapping Order Statuses to Shipping Methods

Once you've created the status, you can then define how it is mapped by selecting the matching products and shipping method(s) to be eligible for that order status. We suggest using automation rules to define which orders are assigned the order status.

To view those orders, you can filter orders by Status in your order view.

Setting a Default Order Status for a User

1. On, go to My Account.

2. Click Users. Select 'Edit' for the user you want to adjust.

3. Select the Default Order Status for that user and Save.