Managing 3PL Customer Features

Managing Your Customers

As a ShipHero 3PL, you have the ability to add your customers who get all the features and benefits of ShipHero.  

To manage customers, tap the 3PL Customers link available on the top nav menu (

Managing Customer Features

Depending on how you are adding customers to your 3PL account, you may want to enable or disable certain ShipHero features.

You will see a list of your customers with toggles for each feature

Here we will list each major feature that you can control directly in the 3PL customers' view.


Typically, most 3PL Fulfillment Providers will have a single Primary warehouse. However, if you're managing multiple warehouses, you can specify the correct warehouse for each customer.

ShipHero Support Chat

This will control if your customer can chat with ShipHero customer support using the chat feature, available at the bottom of the screen. 

Tip: ShipHero will support your new customers coming on board and getting familiar with ShipHero as well as assist if an issue is occurring on the platform. However, we strongly recommend 3PL Fulfillment Partners provide a customer support solution directly.

Use Customers' Shipping Account

Typically, you will leave this disabled. This feature allows a customer to use their own shipping carriers when their orders are shipped.

Hide Customers' Orders From App

Enable this feature if you are not fulfilling orders for a customer. Typically this is used when a customer has billing issues with their account and you need to pause the account until a resolution has been reached.


  • Import Data - this allows you to duplicate settings from another 3PL customer account or from the general profile.
  • Delete - this will delete the 3PL customer account.