Connecting your Socket Mobile Scanner to your mobile device

Supported Devices

First, let's make sure you have the correct hardware. ShipHero supports the following iOS devices.

  • iPad generation 3 or greater.
  • iPad Mini generation 2 or greater.
  • iPhone generation 6 or greater.
  • iPod Touch generation 4 or greater.

To use a scanner with your mobile device, ShipHero currently  ONLY integrates with Socket Mobile Scanners 7Ci, 7Pi, 800 series and 700 series.

Connecting your Socket Mobile Scanner

  1. The scanner must be in iOS Mode (also called Application Mode [MFi-SPP]) to work with ShipHero. Turn on your scanner, and put it in iOS mode by scanning the below iOS Mode Barcode. The scanner will beep 3 times if scanned successfully.
  2. On your iOS device, go to the Settings menu, and the Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth.*
  3. You should see a device called "Socket CHS". Tap "Socket CHS" on screen to connect. The device should say "Connected" after a few seconds.
  4. To verify the device is connected you can also open the ShipHero application on your iOS device. Tap on the menu button, and go to Settings. In the Bluetooth Barcode Barcode Scanner setting, you should see "Socket CHS is connected". On the "Search Orders" screen, you should also see a green barcode symbol.

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iOS Mode Barcode

*Note: iOS 11 added another layer of Bluetooth control. After turning on Bluetooth in the settings menu, you will also need to tap "Allow New Connections" if the prompt appears. If you open the Control Center, verify that the Bluetooth button is also turned on.
If you have already upgraded to iOS 11, please make sure you are using at least Version 11.1. Earlier versions of iOS 11 are not compatible with the Socket Mobile Scanners in iOS mode.

Having difficulty connecting your scanner? Check out our Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting Guide