What Is An Order Lock?

Order locks ensure that only one person is working on an order at a time. Locks prevent orders from being picked multiple times by different team members.

When does an order get locked?

A 'User Lock' is placed on an order as soon as a team member starts working on an order through the mobile app or Endeavour. This includes working on individual orders or picking orders through batch picking.

Working on an order through the web dashboard, https://app.shiphero.com does not lock an order.

A 'Tote Lock' is placed on an order when a team member assigns an order to tote during batch picking.

As an order is processed by your team, locks will automatically be placed on an order and removed from an order as necessary. When an order is shipped from the mobile apps or endeavour all locks will be cleared.

What does an order lock do?

An order is locked to prevent multiple users from opening the order at the same time on the mobile app or Endeavour.

Orders will not be able to reprocess while locked.
Any changes made from the web dashboard to a locked order will not take effect until the current lock is cleared and reprocessed.

Where can I see order locks?

From the web dashboard you can see a user lock from the order detail page in the 'Details' module.

You can see a tote lock on the order detail page in the 'Current Totes' module.

From the Manage Orders page, you can also see order locks in the 'User Lock' and 'In Tote' columns.

When should I clear order locks?

Since an order is locked to a user when they are working on the order, you should only clear a lock if you have confirmed with that team member they are no longer working on that order.

Please Note: Clearing an order lock while a team member is currently working on an order, such as during batch picking, can interrupt their picking process.

You may need to clear an order lock if you are making changes to items from the web dashboard, such as adding or removing items.
Adjusting address information does not require clearing locks.

Where can I clear order locks?

If you have already confirmed the team member is no longer working on the order, you can clear order locks from the web dashboard. 

From the order detail page, you can clear the user lock or tote lock from an individual order.

  • Under the 'Actions' module, there is a 'Clear Order Locks' button, which will clear any user locks on the order.
  • Under the 'Current Totes' module, there is an 'Empty Tote' button, which will remove the order from the assigned tote.

By going to My Account>Users you can clear user locks for many users at once. This will clear all orders locked to that user.