Setting Allocation Priority On Orders

You have some items in stock, but not enough stock for all orders, by default ShipHero will prioritize the allocation of in-stock items to fulfill your oldest orders first until the stock has been completely allocated.

Now, what if you have a higher priority order that comes in and you want to get this new order ahead of the other, older orders, but the stock is already allocated to previous orders?

A new feature in ShipHero will now allow you to set the “Allocation Priority” to “High” for specific orders  and the stock will reallocate off another order with “Allocation Priority” of either “Low” or “Default”. You can choose which order you would like remove stock from, by setting the “Allocation Priority” for that order to “Low”.

If there are multiple orders set to the same “Allocation Priority”, ShipHero will allocate stock towards the oldest orders, and away from the newest orders.

Note: If an order is locked or in a tote, it won’t reprocess and therefore allocation priority changes will not take effect until the lock is cleared and/or the item is removed from a tote.

In the example below, initially the newest order MO15 has stock backordered and the older 2 orders have stock allocation. All 3 orders have allocation priority Default.

When we set the allocation priority on the newest order, MO15 to “High”, it goes from backordered to allocated and the order goes from “Ready to Ship: No” to “Ready to Ship: Yes”.

And if we go back to the product we see that the next newest order went from having the product allocated to having it backordered.

You can also set the Allocation Priority from the bulk edit page