The Cost of Goods Report (COGS)

The Cost of Goods (COGS) report is most commonly used for determining sales tax due for a specific time period. Filter by Store and use the ‘Column Visibility Tab’ to determine which columns you want to export to CSV or PDF. Profitability factors include:

  • Selling price on individual orders
  • Value: Current cost you pay for the product 
  • Shipping amount paid by customer
  • Actual shipping cost for you
  • Return total sales and taxable sales

Select the date range and store you want for the report. Click ‘Generate.’ Once the report generates, it will appear as you see below where you can click ‘View’ to see the report.

TIP: The report calculates a lot of data. If it’s running slowly, shorten the date range when you generate the report.

How are discounts and sale items reflected in the report?

When we pull in an item’s sale price from your e-commerce store and a discount is used, the discount will be reflected in the ‘Price Paying Tax On’ column.

If a percentage discount was offered on the total price of the order, the percentage will be detected by comparing the total order price and the sum of line items. The percentage will be reflected in the ‘Price Paying Tax On’ column.