Connecting your WooCommerce Store

First, ensure that you have the WooCommerce plug-in installed on your Wordpress Admin Panel.
Also check you have the API enabled on your WooCommerce store. We use the Legacy V3 API and the current V2 API.

Steps to Connect Your WooCommerce Store

  1. Login to your wordpress admin panel
  2. Click on the WooCommerce tab
  3. Click on Settings Tab under the WooCommerce tab
  4. Click on API
  5. Click on Keys/Apps
  6. Click Add Key
  7. Name it and Set Permissions to Read/Write
  8. Click Generate API Key
  9. Copy Consumer Key and Secret
  10. Log in to your ShipHero account
  11. Go to My Account > Stores
  12. Click Add a New Store and Select WooCommerce
  13. Give your store a name, enter your Consumer Key and Secret, and the URL for your store into the ShipHero form then click Connect