Are Priority Mail Cubic Rates Supported?

Quick Answer: Yes!

About USPS Priority Mail Cubic Pricing

If you ship more than 50,000 packages per year, you could also be eligible for Priority Mail Cubic Pricing in addition to CPP. Cubic Pricing offers tremendous savings over regular Priority Mail rates if your package is:

  • Less than 20 pounds
  • Less than 18 inches in length
  • Less than 0.5 cubic feet

Cubic Pricing is calculated based on the transit distance and volume of the package. Package weight has no bearing on the shipping rates as long as the package is no more than 20lbs. This means if your merchandise is small and heavy, you may be able to benefit from Cubic Pricing.

How to get these rates through ShipHero

ShipHero supports Priority Mail Cubic Rates by default when you signup your USPS account through Shippo or Endicia