How ShipHero Handles Backorders When Using Shopify Multiple Locations

Shopify stores provide the option to manage multiple locations, and the availability of products in each location.

This makes calculations interesting when handling scenarios of multiple warehouses and multiple Shopify locations.

With the introduction of Shopify locations, ShipHero would push available quantities from each warehouse location to it's mapped Shopify location. When a Shopify locations would show available quantity of 0, this would create a situation where Shopify overall would still reflect availability without a deduction of inventory in the location showing 0. While other connected sales channels would take into account the backorder deduction.

It's a tough one to explain! So here's an illustration. We've updated the logic, to show a negative available quantity instead of 0 in Shopify locations, which then result in the correct deduction of backorders from total available counts.Now when items are backordered, ShipHero will deduct that from total availability of that item and push this information to all connected stores.

Again, tough to explain, much better illustrated - changes noted in red