Label Cost Visibility Settings for 3PLs

As a 3PL, you may purchase shipping labels for your customers using your own shipping carrier accounts, and opt to include a fee on the purchased labels. This shipment fee may be a flat amount (such as 10 cents per label) or a percentage of the label cost (such as 5 percent per label).

By default, your customers will not see the label cost for a shipment until you generate your bill, at which point the shipment fee is included within the total label cost assessed on the bill. When looking at a shipment within the ShipHero dashboard, your customer will see the shipping details, such as carrier, method, and tracking number, but will not see the label cost, similar to the below screenshot.

Example shipment visible on the order detail

You can, however, change this behavior so that the original label cost, not including the shipment fee, is visible for your customers with the following steps. Please note, this does not change whether the shipment fee is assessed. This only alters whether a customer can see the original shipment cost prior to the shipment fee being assessed.

First access your 3PL Billing Menu, pictured below.

3PL Billing Menu

Then, click the customer you want to edit, which will bring you to the following screen.

3PL Customer

On the right side of the screen, near "Billing Settings" click the "Change" button and a module will appear with various settings.

Billing Settings

Scroll down to the "Labels" section, and the setting "Show label costs to the customer". By default, this setting should be off. Turn it on to allow customers to see the label costs for each order without the assessed service fee.

Label Setting

Using the same shipment example from earlier, now the label cost will be visible to the customer.

Label Cost