Does ShipHero Support ETD for FedEx?

Learn: More about FedEx handles Electronic Trade Documents

Why Use ETD?

  • You don't need to print any documents as it's all electronically submitted.
  • Avoid any lost documentation.
  • Get pre-clearance assistance and proactive problem resolution.
  • Get a head start on customs clearance and submit your documents ahead of your shipment to reduce your chance of customs delays.

How ShipHero Submits ETD

ETD for FedEx is automatic within our system. This means that for countries that accept ETD, everything is electronically transmitted.  Below is an example of what this would like on an International Express or International Ground shipment when printed.

International Express Shipment Example:  

International Ground Shipment Example:

Tip: ShipHero automatically knows which countries do not accept ETD and will automatically print out four copies of the customs documents when the shipping label is printed.

Resource: Additional information can be found on the FedEx FAQ