Can I Change How Orders Are Sorted?

Orders can be sorted 2 different ways.

Optimize Batches to Minimize Walk (Default)

Batch Picking is prioritized based on the bin locations of items in open orders.
The batch will include your oldest and most prioritized order, and then also include other orders that contain items with nearby bin locations. This creates the most efficient path through your warehouse, picking the most orders with the least amount of steps.

Optimize Batches by Priority then Required Ship Date

Batch Picking is prioritized firstly by any orders marked as Priority, and then by Required Ship Date. The Picker's journey through the warehouse is NOT optimized with this option, which could result in the Picker making multiple trips across the warehouse to pick SKUs for orders.  ShipHero does not recommend this option. 

To modify how orders are sorted:

  1. Using the top menu, click My Account, then click Settings
  2. Click App Settings
  3. Scroll to bottom of the page to last option labeled "Batch Picking Type"

Tip: The fastest way to Batch Pick