Shipped Items Report

Shipped Items Report

Reports > Shipped Items

View all products shipped within a certain timeframe and which orders they are associated with.


Search using a variety of filters. The date range is not inclusive; the end date will not be included in the results. This date search is the date of the shipment, not the date of the order.

Searching Data

The search field is best used for isolating order numbers Viewing and Exporting Data

Export All Rows: creates a CSV of visible columns and all rows in results.

CSV: creates a CSV of all the visible columns and rows.

PDF: creates a PDF table of the visible columns and rows. It is recommended to keep columns to a small number at a time. 

Column Visibility: There are 32 different report columns to utilize. They can be shown or hidden by the column visibility dropdown.

Visible Rows: This is a dropdown to the right of the export options. Default is 25, but expandable to 10000.

Clicking on the column header will sort the data alphanumerically ascending or descending by the results of that column.