Shipment Report

The Shipment Report can be used to measure the volume of shipments made within ShipHero. 

You can see the number of shipments made in a specific time period, your shipment cost, your end-customers’ shipment costs, profit, and items shipped. There are multiple ways to filter the report, such as by date, carrier, shipping label status, store, and warehouse.  

Filter the Report

  • Please keep in mind that the end date is not inclusive and that the date searches by order date - not shipment date.
  • You can also filter by Carrier, Method, Profile, Warehouse, Packer, Label Status, Platform (shipped on or off ShipHero), Stores, and Drop Shipments.

Report Overview 

  • Shipments: The number of shipments that were made during the requested dates. Every time a shipping label is generated, this counts as a shipment. It is possible to have one order that will produce more than one shipment.  If a label is voided in the Order Details Page, then the shipment will no longer appear in the Shipment.
  • Your Shipment Cost:  The cost of the label that was generated through ShipHero. 
  • Customer Shipment Cost:  The amount that the customer was charged to ship the goods. 
  • Shipment Profit:  “Your Shipment Cost” subtracted from the “Customer Shipment Cost.”
  • Distinct Items Shipped:  The number of line items that were shipped.
  • Quantity Shipped:  The actual number of items. Using the example of 3 of one sku and 2 of another sku, the quantity shipped would be 5

Searching Data

The search field is best used for isolating order numbers and tracking numbers. 

Column visibility

You have several options to display when selecting 'Column Visibility'.  Not all columns are enabled by default.

Clicking on the column head will sort the data alphanumerically Ascending or Descending by the results of that column.