Using FedEx Ground Collect

FedEx Ground Collect is a billing option for authorized receiving accounts. Charges for the shipment will be billed directly to the recipient. That account must have a FedEx account with Ground Collect already authorized. This is not the same as a C.O.D.

This billing feature is only available for FedEx Ground Commercial addresses.  When you process the shipment on your FedEx account you will see the rate that it would cost to ship to that destination with your account rates.  This does not mean that is the rate the recipient will be billed. They will be billed the rates that they have negotiated with FedEx.  

If you ship a package Collect to an address that is not authorized for Collect shipments you will be charged the rate using your account. 

Below is an example of what a Collect label will look like when it is printed out.  You will notice that the word Collect is highlighted yellow which means this shipment was processed as Collect.

If you would like to add Collect to your FedEx account please reach out to so we can add this feature to your account.