ShipHero Mobile

iOS Application

Navigating the mobile application

Personal Settings

Click on your initials or profile picture to change your photo, switch to a different user, or to log out of the mobile application.


The dashboard provides an overview of ready to ship orders and number of items ready to be picked. Directly under the user’s name is the order status and warehouse dropdown. Users will only see the ready to ship orders of the status and warehouse they are currently assigned.

To change order status or warehouse, click directly on the existing status or warehouse and a new pop-up will appear from the bottom of the app. Select the status or warehouse you want and click ‘Choose.’

There are three options to process orders:

Single Item Batch: Pick several orders with one SKU into the same tote

Multi Item Batch: Pick multiple orders at a time, each order into a different tote

Single Order: Pick and ship one order at a time

Single Item Batch

Use Single Item Batch to pick multiple one SKU orders into one tote. To begin, scan or select an empty tote from the list provided.

Depending on the Single Item Batch Pick Quantity determined in My Account > Settings > App Settings, a list of products will appear to pick into a tote. The lower left of the screen will display the number of orders in the batch and the lower right will display the number of remaining items to pick.

As you pick the products, you will be asked to confirm the quantity picked. Click ‘Complete’ to finish the batch. You can begin a new batch by selecting a new tote.

Multi Item Batch

Use Multi Item Batch to pick multiple orders with different quantities of products into unique totes. This process separates orders as you are picking so when you go to pack and ship the orders, there is no need to spend time sorting through the products.

Click 'Multi Item Batch' to begin. Input the number of totes you want to use; the number of totes selected equates to the number of orders you pick in the batch.

A list of products will appear on the screen. The lower left of the screen will display the number of orders in the batch and the lower right displays the number of items left to pick. As you begin picking, you will be asked to select or scan a tote from the list. As you select products that are in the same order, you will be directed to place the product in an already used tote.

As you pick the products, you will be asked to confirm the quantity picked. Confirm by either scanning the product barcode or touching the screen.

At this point in the process, you may also report an issue with the specific product. Select ‘Report Issue’ in the upper right and enter notes about the issue. Choose to put the order on hold or not. If you put the order on operator hold, the order associated with the product being reported will be removed from the batch.

At any point, check the progress made in the batch by clicking ‘Progress’ in the upper right of the pick list page. This will show you how many orders are in the current batch, which totes are being used and how many items are left to pick. You may ‘Complete’ the batch here if you’re done picking or press ‘Back’ to return to the pick list page.

Once all items are picked, click ‘Complete’. You can begin a new batch by selecting a number of totes to begin picking.

Set a default batch quantity in My Account > Settings > App Settings.

Single Order

If you ship out one order at a time, select ‘Single Order.’ A list of ready to ship orders will appear. Click into the order you want to ship.

The list of products in the order will appear. Scan the product barcodes or select the products on the screen and click ‘Pack.’  Select the Shipping Box you’re using. The weight of the order will auto-populate or you can use the ‘Get From Scale’ button if using a scale to weigh products.

If desired, use the ‘Get Quote’ button to see shipping quotes and cheapest rates from applicable carriers. Click ‘Print Packing Slip and Label’. Click ‘Back’ to see next order to ship.

By default, ‘Print Packing Slip and Label’ is the available option. Tap the arrow to select either to only print the packing slip or only print the label.

All Orders

Select ‘All Orders’ to see ready to ship orders. If shipping from Mobile, navigate to the ‘All Order’ screen to scan the tote barcode of your Multi Item Batches. Scanning the tote barcode from this page will bring up the order to be packed.

Single Item Batches are not shipped from Mobile; all Single Item Batches are shipped from Endeavour Web.


Select a batch picking style from here to begin picking.


Edit product details and inventory in this section of the app. If Dynamic Slotting, also update product locations and initiate inventory transfers here.

Search Products

Scan a product barcode or use the search bar to find specific products. Select the circular button next to the product image and new options will appear at the bottom of the page to either ‘Edit’ or ‘Print’ labels.

Click ‘Edit’ to update product details or update product inventory. Click ‘Print’ to print out product barcodes or location barcodes.

Stock Take

This is an easy way to recount an entire bin location. Scan the product barcode of each product. The on-hand quantity will update with each unit scanned. Scanning a product that has already been added to the Stock Take list will increase the quantity by 1 for that product. For example, if you scan a product 5 times, this will change the on-hand quantity for that product to 5 units; it overrides what is already in the system.

Available only for Static Slotting accounts.

Cycle Count

Cycle counting eliminates the need to shut down your warehouse for a complete inventory recount. Depending on your settings on the web dashboard under Inventory > Cycle Count, you will be prompted to count a certain amount of products each week.

If there are products you wish not to include in cycle counting, mark the product as ‘Do Not Cycle Count’ Yes from the web dashboard on the individual product’s page. This can be done in bulk using Inventory > Bulk Edit.

Available only for Static Slotting accounts.

Search Locations

Select or scan a location to pull up the associated products living in that bin location. From the list of products, scan or select the product you want to update. The option to move inventory will appear on the screen. Determine the amount of inventory you want to move from this location and click ‘Move to’ at the bottom of the screen. Then select or scan the location you want to transfer the inventory to. 

Available only for Dynamic Slotting accounts.


User Settings

Update user settings here. Change your default order status, which determines which ready to ship orders you see in the mobile application, and your workstation assignment. This will determine which workstation your user prints from. Click ‘Save’ in the upper right-hand corner when changes are made.