What is the Merge Orders Feature?

ShipHero identifies if there are multiple orders from the same customer address.

Merging orders will allow you to potentially not have to send multiple shipments to that customer. This is designed to save time, packaging resources and reduce shipping costs.
When ShipHero identifies orders with the same customer address, there is an option to merge the matching orders.

Please Note: Merged orders will only behave as merged on the mobile applications and on https://endeavour.shiphero.com/orders.

Tip: You can choose which order acts as the master order, this will instruct ShipHero to print the correct invoice details as well as set the shipping method. 

The following criteria must be met for orders to merge properly:

  • Orders have identical shipping addresses
  • Orders have the same order status
  • No holds, user locks, or tote locks can be present on either orders when trying to merge them together.