How to Update Your Printer Workstation

The ShipHero Printer Workstation allows the setup and sharing of printers and scales for mobile and desktop users. The application is available for Windows & macOS computers and can be downloaded here.

Click here to to learn more about how to set up the workstation app.

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Upgrading your workstations

Important: When using workstation v6, once installed, any previous version workstations on your account will also need to be updated to 6.0 in order to print correctly.  

Updating Manually

For all previous versions of the workstation, and new installs, simply follow the manual installation instructions.

To manually update your workstation, you can download from the apps link available from the main navigation menu.

How this will affect ShipHero XL

ShipHero XL is a deprecated app.  Workstation 6.0 will remain compatible for users of the legacy ShipHero iPad app for printing. Scales will not work. If you're using ShipHero XL, it is recommended you install the current version of ShipHero mobile, known as the Endeavour release. Support for ShipHero XL is no longer available.