Migrating the Print Listener from v4 to v6

This article provides a basic outline of the steps required to upgrade from the legacy V4 print listener to the current v6 release.

Note: v4 is being deprecated and will no longer work after October, 1st 2019. 

To minimize interruption, these steps should be followed when there is no printing being done. 

1. Unregister each v4 station. 

Open the v4 workstation app and click the link to unregister the computer. 

2. Download v6 from https://app.shiphero.com/apps.

3. Install v6 and login.

4. Once logged in, click on "Go to ShipHero" to be taken to the new stations page:

Note: This page can also be accessed by going to https://stations.shiphero.com/

5. On the stations page, select the printers and scale to be used. Make sure to click Save Settings after the selection. You can then test each printer by clicking the Test button.

6. Note that the station names have changed. You will need to reassign each use to the new station names. This can be done from https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/users or by each user individually in the mobile app or by clicking on Default Values from the Stations page:

What happened to the orientation and size settings? 

Those are now controlled by settings elsewhere in ShipHero:

  • Invoice Size and Orientation: My Account > Settings  > Invoice Settings ( https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/settings/invoice)
  • Label Size: All labels are generated at 4x6. If your labels are not printing correctly, check the driver settings of your printer to ensure that the correct label size is set. 
  • Barcode Size and Orientation: My Account > Settings  > Barcode Settings ( https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/settings/products). Note that you may also have to set the correct label size in your label printer driver settings.