Multi-Item Batch Picking and Packing

Improve Warehouse Efficiency Using Multi-Item Batch.

Use Multi-Item Batch to pick multiple orders with different quantities of products into unique totes. This process separates orders as you are picking so that you do not have to spend time sorting through products when preparing to pack and ship orders.

Picking Process

  • Log into the ShipHero Mobile App.
  • Select the Multi-Item Batch from the home page.
  • Tell the application how many totes you will be using (how many orders you want to pick).
  • A list of products will appear on the screen. The lower left of the screen displays the number of orders in the batch and the lower right displays the number of items left to pick.
  • As you begin picking, you will be asked to select or scan a tote from the list.
  • When picking a product, the application will ask you to confirm the quantity picked. Confirm by either scanning the product barcode or touching the screen.
  • The application will direct you to place picked products into the tote that aligns with that product's order.
  • At this point in the process, you may report an issue with the specific product by selecting 'Report Issue' in the upper right and entering notes.  Pickers can choose to put the order on hold due to the issue.  If an operator hold has been placed, the order associated with the product being reported will be removed from the batch.

  • Pickers can check the progress made in the batch by clicking 'Progress' in the upper right of the picklist page. This will show how many orders are in the current batch, which totes are being used, and how many items are left to pick.
  • Once all items are picked, the picker should select 'Complete'. A new batch of picking can be started by selecting a number of totes to begin picking.

TIP: A default batch quantity can be set in My Account > Settings > App Settings.

Multi-Item Batch Pick Demo

Packing Process

Multi-Item batches can be packed using either the Mobile Application or a desktop computer and USB scanner.

Packing With ShipHero Mobile

  • Go to "All Orders" on ShipHero Mobile.
  • Scan the tote you want to pack. This will bring up the order and the items picked for that order.
  • Hit 'Pack' on the mobile application to indicate that you are packing the order.
  • Select 'Print Label' to print the label and affix it to the package.

Packing with a Desktop Computer and USB Scanner

  • Go to Endeavour Web.
  • Scan your tote using the USB Scanner
  • The order will load, showing the number of items picked.
  • Enter box dimensions, weight, and number of items packed.
  • Select 'Print Packing Slip and Label' to print and attach the label.
  • Select 'Complete Order' on the screen to complete packing your order.

Multi-Item Batch Pack Demo