How Do I Update On Hand for Many Products?


Inventory Upload enables you to update more than one SKU On Hand value at once by simply uploading a CSV file containing your changes.

As with any inventory level change,  you want to make sure the reason for any inventory change is logged for future reference.

How to Update Inventory using Inventory Upload

  1. Tap "Inventory" in the top nav menu (if you don't see this you may require your permissions to be updated).
  2. Select "Inventory Upload" (
  3. Tap the "Download Inventory Template" button to get your CSV template.
  4. The CSV should contain the following 5 columns shown below in exact order.
  5. Once you have your CSV ready, upload it, this may take a minute or so depending on the internet connection speed and size of the file.
  6. ShipHero will process the upload as a "batch" - once all SKUs are marked as processed, the upload and update are complete.

Your CSV File

You will need to add the SKUs to the CSV file you want to upload, you will need to use the following 5 columns in the exact order listed:

  • Sku: This is used to match the product in your inventory.
  • Action: Can be one of two options - Change will add or subtract from the existing On Hand quantity or Replace which will replace the existing On Hand quantity with the newly specified Quantity value.
  • Quantity: This is the new number for On Hand quantity (see Action on how this value is applied)
  • Warehouse: The warehouse that you want to apply the update.
  • Reason: This is the reference that will be logged with the inventory change

The CSV should look something like this

Tip: The columns are case sensitive and need to be in the order detailed above. You only need to include the SKUs you want to update.