Allow Partial Shipments

There may be times where you want to ship an order that is not entirely fulfilled.

ShipHero enables an order for picking once all inventory is available.  If you would like to pick, pack, and ship orders that are partially fulfilled, you simply need to enable the 'Allow Partial' setting.  If the 'Allow Partial' setting is off, then orders will not appear on ShipHero for picking and packing until all items are available.  If 'the Allow Partial' setting is on, then you will be able to pick, pack and ship the available items in the order.  The rest of the order will show up for fulfillment when the remaining items are in stock.

Setting 'Allow Partial' for One Order

  1. Visit the Order Details page on (Orders > Manage Orders > Select the specific order)
  2. Enable the 'Allow Partial' option on the right side of the screen under Details.

Enabling this option will allow you to pick, pack, and ship that specific order even though all items may not be able to be fulfilled.  

Setting 'Allow Partial' as Default for All Orders

  1. Visit the ShipHero general settings located at My Account > Settings > General Settings.
  2. Enable the 'Default Allow Partial' setting.

When this setting is enabled, all orders will have the "Allow Partial" option enabled and will be able to be picked, packed, and shipped even though inventory may not be available for the entire order.