Can I use Magento on the Startup Plan?

Shopify provides a cloud-based e-commerce solution that doesn't involve infrastructure and environment configurations. Magento, on the other hand, is a platform that allows much more configuration. The aim is to provide organizations who want to customize software through code and infrastructure to complete build a solution that works for them.

While Magento provides endless customization, it also requires more overhead and possible setup time for the store connection.

ShipHero provides the ability for you to add your Magento store in the ShipHero Startup plan, however, we don't provide any free consultation to configure the connection should you require additional assistance.

Small Business & Enterprise Plans include support for Magento, with a professional services fee when additional Magento configuration is required. The Magento configuration fee is a one-time payment of $2500 USD. Additional stores using the same product catalog and Magento admin are an additional $500 USD per store. If you have questions about your setup, please speak with us using the chat function.