I Updated Inventory in Shopify & its Not Updated in ShipHero

To ensure the ShipHero updates information with connected Shopify stores with speed, our synchronization processor has a few basic rules that are helpful to understand.

 Any inventory changes to your existing SKUs should be done in ShipHero. ShipHero will push those changes to your connected stores. Any SKU inventory changes made in Shopify, will not automatically update in ShipHero.


  • Shopify does not notify ShipHero when a change is made to an existing SKU, and it's not efficient for ShipHero to keep requesting all of the SKU data from Shopify. 
  • Because ShipHero will manage your inventory across multiple sales channels, it operates as the master of inventory changes and will update your connected stores when inventory changes occur.
  • Updating SKU inventory on Shopify (or any sales channel) could potentially be conflicting any activity in the warehouse. For example, if a current order being picked or inventory being counted in the warehouse is occurring, inventory changes should only be made in your inventory management system.

A Note on New SKUs
Shopify does notify ShipHero when new SKUs are created, therefore ShipHero will automatically fetch any new SKUs created in your Shopify store.