Product Creation Settings for Shopify

Each Shopify connection can be managed in ShipHero, with a number of options that are used to configure basic options when using a connected Shopify store.

Product Creation

New products that are listed on an ecommerce store should not be created in ShipHero, as ShipHero does not create store listings. Instead, any new products that need to be listed on the store, should be created directly in the store. Once the product is added, ShipHero will download the product information.

Setting Inventory for New Products

When ShipHero downloads a product for the first time, it needs to know what the inventory value should set to.  These options are available in the connect store, and store settings view. 

Setting the Default Inventory Value

You can specify what the inventory value of any product should be, which is either:

  • Starting inventory should match what is in Shopify. This will set the ShipHero inventory value of a newly created product to match the available inventory value set in the connected Shopify store.
  • Starting inventory should always be 0. This will set the ShipHero inventory value of a newly created product to be 0 in ShipHero.

Managing Inventory in Multiple Warehouses

In addition to controlling the behavior of how the inventory value is set, you can also specify which warehouses newly created products will be available within.

You can set behavior to be for all warehouses (default), or specify the warehouses that will the product will be available within.