Magento 2 Installation Guide

Download Plugin

If you haven't already, download the plugin here.

Install Plugin And Setup Integration

Login on your magento 2 admin and Go to “System” -> “Integrations”.

On the integrations panel click “Add new integration”. Under the “Integration info” tab fill just the Name. Email, callback url and identify link URL are not necessary.

Click On the API tab on the side menu and select “All” for resource access. Then click Save. 

When you get back to the integrations list Click “Activate” under the new integration you just created.

On the popup that opens up click “Allow”. You’ll get redirected to a page like the following. Copy and send us the four keys you see on that screen.

Create ShipHero Account and Add Magento 2 Store

  1. Go to and signup or login to an existing account at
  2. Add Magento Store
  3. Navigate to My Account>Stores
  4. Click the Add New Store button and select Magento 2
  5. Fill in the fields
    Store URL - The full URL to your store including http:// or https:// with no trailing slash at the end of your url. For example
    Consumer Key - Copied from Magento
    Consumer Secret - Copied from Magento
    Access Token - Copied from Magento
    Access Token Secret - Copied from Magento
  6. Allow ShipHero to Manage your Magento Inventory
    -If checked, your inventory is managed through ShipHero, meaning that when inventory is update in ShipHero, it syncs it back to Magento.
    -If you’re testing Ship Hero and still have another shipping solution enabled, you can leave this unchecked. Don’t worry, you’ll drop that other solution soon enough.

Once you click connect, it may look like nothing is happening, but give it a couple of minutes because we are downloading all your products and orders from Magento.